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Pay-As-You-Go Dental.

Bento’s platform enables pay-as-you-go dental benefits for organizations of any size, without the need to contract with insurance companies.

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Employee Questions, Answered.

Why Pay-As-You-Go?

Pay-As-You-Go Benefits

Unused benefit dollars stay in your bank account.

Customizable Plan Design

We'll help you build the plan that’s right for your employees. Even a $0 plan.

Military Grade Security

Every member’s Protected Health Information is safe in Bento’s HIPAA-compliant cloud.

Save Money.
On any budget.

  • Dental insurance isn't real insurance. Keep the benefit dollars your employees don’t use.
  • Get rid of unnecessary expenses. No claims processing fees or taxes to pay.
  • Plans to fit any company size and any budget. One plan for corporate? One plan for retail? No problem.

Why Bento?

  • We handle everything. Eligibility, payment for treatments, and reporting.
  • Give your employees something modern. Your employees' entire dental life in one, easy-to-use app.
  • Always know what you’re spending. Get real-time reporting of your direct dental spend.

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Go Where You Want.

Your employees can go to any licensed dentist in the country, in or out of Bento’s network, with no state restrictions.