No Dental - Bento

First time offering dental?
We've got two great options.

With Bento, there’s no paperwork, your employees get better rates at their dentist, and they can go anywhere for their dental care.

Group Membership

The employer pays the membership fee, and pays $0 for dental services. Employees pay pre-negotiated rates directly to their dentist when they get care.

Group Plus Membership

We’ll help you pick a plan of any size, on any budget. The employer pays the membership fee. Bento moves the plan dollars from the employer account to the dentist directly.

better rates

We've negotiated with dentists for you, so your employees get a better rate when they get dental care. Every service, including ortho.

We handle all
the admin work

Bento handles all the administrative tasks and payment processing, so there’s no paperwork to deal with.


Bento has three great networks that give your employees a choice when picking the dentist that’s right for them. They can go to any licensed dentist in the country, in or out of network, with no state restrictions.


The Bento app answers your employees’ questions proactively, so you don’t have to. “What’s covered?” “How much is left in my annual max?” “What do I owe out of pocket?”

READY TO give your employees dental for the first time?